Friday 13th – lucky for some!

What a roller coaster these last few days, weeks, months and years have been.

Fortunes were reportedly lost and gained in just two minutes either side of the exit poll as the pound jumped almost 3% in seconds and one of the largest ever recorded.

But as the dust settles on Boris Johnson’s euphoric UK parliamentary victory on Friday – who are to be the real winners and losers in European property?

As events of the last three years unfolded, I came to believe that global democracy was being called into doubt just as much as the UK parliament was repeatedly failing to implement the hugely divisive referendum result.

Boris’ can-do attitude of his first election victory speech followed by the more conciliatory tone of Friday’s parliamentary success should give us all good reason to be positive for striking a new balance across the continent.

Goldman Sachs has identified $150bn (€135bn) of global capital ready to flood into the UK economy as a “back-loaded acceleration” in investment. Likewise Knight Frank expects overseas buyers to snap up as much as £50bn (€60bn) of real estate in the coming months.

The mother of parliaments and ultimately global democracy together have spoken… European property investing should thrive – Carpe Diem!