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Is the CEE/SEE region likely to attract more institutional investment? (and if so why?)

We tend to work more with family office and private equity capital partners rather than institutional investors, but believe that CEE/SEE likely to attract more commitments based on two main reasons: 1) capital in general increasingly targeting investments across the CEE/SEE region that offer the benefits of core locations/fundamentals at higher yield/opportunistic pricing on a relative basis compared to western Europe; and 2) pan-CEE/SEE NPL portfolios only just starting to be transacted, which should lead to attractive onward sale prospects for individual assets and portfolios without legacy debt liabilities as well as the increased supply helping to prevent yields from compressing too rapidly.

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Henry Foy

It is a region marked by concerns over the actions of illiberal, populist governments, worried by clashes over policies with Brussels and the rest of the EU and with some states under threat of sovereign debt downgrades.

Central and eastern Europe is supposedly becoming a trickier place for investors to do business.

You would not guess this, however, from gazing at the steel and glass skylines, colossal shopping centres and office atriums of Warsaw, Budapest, Prague and Bratislava.

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In preparation for the upcoming CEE GRI on 6-7 June, we interviewed Xavier Scheibli (Director, LNR Partners Europe), Patrick Wigan (MD, Investments & Capital-Raising, Wigan Acquisitions), Ondrej Špalek (Chief Operating & Finance Officer, Panattoni Europe) and Marilena Vuiu (Senior Banker, Property & Tourism, EBRD) to gather their thoughts on the Real Estate market in CEE & SEE.

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